Thursday, 27 June 2019

Through the Fairytales

During term 2 as a school we have worked very hard to put together a school production called 'Through the Fairytales'.  This was a tale about all the woman in the fairytales and how they feel like they are not treated very well.  It is a tale that includes a little bit of mystery, humour and drama, where all the fairytale characters come together to show how much they all care for each other.

Awahono staff would like to thank all the students involved in the production, the parents, family and visiting schools for their support and Gary for help us with the music and lighting. 

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Westport Camp 2019

This term we have been studying the novel 'The Mines Afire'.  This book is based around the Brunner Mine explosion in 1896 where 65 men and boys were killed.  Over the term we have based our inquiry study around mining here on the West Coast.  During this camp we were able to see what the past of mining looked like by visiting the Brunner Mine Site and doing some activities with the educators from Shantytown.  We also visited the Coal Museum in Westport and Denniston with the massive incline that they used to get the coal down to the bottom of the hill.  We finished the camp by visiting a working mine and looking at the present state of our mining.  Here are some snaps of the experiences we had.

Thursday, 13 June 2019

Fun Run 2019

This year we had a Onsie Fun Run as a fundraiser for the school.  Here are some pictures for this awesome day.  A big thank you need to go out to the Room 6 children and Jo for setting up this fantastic course.