Tuesday, 6 December 2016

The Discovery of Gold at Waiuta

We've just returned from our two night camp at Waiuta. Gold was discovered there in 1905 and a whole town grew up there. Very little of the town is now left, but lots of interesting clues to the past have been left behind. 

We read the story of how the quartz reef containing the gold was discovered and we wrote plays telling the story. We also made up some music to accompany the plays. We reenacted the discovery of gold at the original discovery site.  Hope you enjoy our plays!

Click on the link to watch Miro, Reagan, Alanna and Alex performing their play.

Click on the next link to watch Ella, Bella, Sophie and Leah performing their play.


Click on the next link to watch Blake, Olivia, Jayden, Ben and Liam performing their play.


Click on the next link to watch Ryan, Hannah, Tiumalu, Harrison and Kylah performing their play.


Click on the next link to watch Adam, Coby, Emma, Deakyn and Tahli  performing their music...


... and their play.


Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Pyjama and Onesie Mufti Day

We had a Mufti Day on Friday 16 September as a fundraiser for Room 6's camp next term. Room 6 chose the theme, which was Pyjamas and Onesies. As you can see from the photographs, most of Room 5 dressed up. Great effort, Room 5!

Friday, 2 September 2016

Frida Kahlo


Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo, who lived in Mexico,  was known for her fabulous self portrait artwork. She was born on the 6th of July 1907 and died in 1954, 19 days after  her birthday.

Frida caught polio at the age of 6 that made one leg weaker and made her crippled. At the age of 18 she was in a serious bus crash that made  her bedridden in hospital for 3 months. Frida Kahlo spent her time doing self portraits while she was bedridden.
Frida Kahlo put lots of scenes of nature in the background of her paintings, such as kittens, monkeys, birds, vines and lots more detail. If you have a close look, you can see her dark eyebrows, they were known as a monobrow and she became famous for these.

In my opinion the background of Frida Kahlo’s paintings look good, I also like how she blends her nature scenes in with her self-portrait. 



Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Noa's Calf Stories

We have been working on our narrative writing.  We used the picture book, "Noa's Calf" by Rhondda Greig to help us to write our stories.  We were working on describing the setting and character, and we had to add details that helped the reader to picture the scene.

This is Ella's story:

Noa’s Calf   
Great black sheets of stormy cloud loomed over the top of an old white farmhouse. Clear spits of rain fell delicately through the air, and onto the rusty corrugated iron roof,  when suddenly, there was a rapid change in weather, and thick blots of rain crashed onto the roof, making quite a racket.  A wild westerly wind whipped up, and went flying at top speed through the valley,  causing the aged beech trees to shake violently.  In the paddock in front of the farmhouse all of the cows were everywhere at the same time, running around like headless chickens, and they all shared a look of panic and confusion as to what was happening around them.    
Throughout all of this commotion, Noa stared in awe at this remarkable weather, watching eagerly through the window, waiting for more.  Noa’s curiosity was drawn to one particular Jersey cow, who stood out from the rest, who looked like it was having a hard time walking.  What was wrong with this cow?  Lips pressed against the glass, Noa stayed as still as a statue, not moving a muscle apart from his bouncy black hair moving slightly in the small breeze, drifting through the cracks in the window.  In a daze, he moved his face back, still staring at the same thing, and pressed his hands against the the window. Slowly he drifted away from the window like he had wings mysteriously carrying him away.
As soon as he opened the front door, all eyes were immediately on Noa, as he cautiously stepped down the front steps and grabbed his muddy bike.  Little legs peddling furiously, Noa was a blur as he sped down the dirt track in the direction of the work shed where Dad could usually be found mending things.  From out of the blue, a tuft of brown hair bobbed up from the edge of the quad bike, up and down up and down went the tuft of hair.  Who belonged to that tuft of hair? “Dad, dad, come quick!”  There was no reply. “Dad, dad, are you there?” panicked Noa.  Suddenly Dad’s big bobbly head popped up from the edge of the quad bike. “Son what’s wrong, why are you panicking?”  
“There’s no time to talk Dad, because there is a cow in the paddock that’s acting different from the rest, we have to go,”  insisted Noa, tugging Dad by the sleeve of the shirt.
Lights flickering, the quad bike ripped through the mud, which sprayed up into the Noa and Dad’s faces.  By the time they had reached the paddock their faces were practically dripping brown with mud.
A strong stench of cow poo travelled through the air, and straight up Noa and Dad’s nostrils.  Finally the destination of the front paddock had been reached,  while the quad bike sped at rapid pace through the vibrant green grass straight to the cow that worried Noa.  The cow was making sounds, like it was in pain or agony, “Dad, what’s wrong with the cow?” asked Noa, on the verge of tears.  
“Ummmm I think she might be going to have a little calf,” said Dad, beaming from ear to ear.  
Meanwhile Daisy was lying on the ground bellowing in agony, when from out of the blue two feet appeared, then the legs, then the torso and finally the head.  And there was Noa’s calf. “What are you going to name him Noa?”inquired Dad.  
“I think I’ll name him ,” replied Noa.
They had just arrived at the gate of the paddock when the sun escalated over the mountain. It looked like golden glitter had been sprinkled over the mountains, and was being dropped right on top of Noa and Dad, and as the icing on the cake a celestial brush painted a swathe of a rainbow in the bright blue sky.  “Well this is a good way to end the day, isn’t it Noa?”
“Yeah, especially with the big chocolate cake that’s waiting inside for us,” said Noa cheekily.  
“Ha ha, very funny,” Dad laughed sarcastically Dad.  Off they walked hand in hand, both itching to tell Mum the story of the wonderful day they’d had.             

Friday, 8 July 2016

Microbe Reports

We have been learning to write reports. We put what we had learned about microbes in a report.

Microbe Report

Microbes are living creatures. We can’t see them because they are so small. They are everywhere and all over everything. There are microbes that are good and bad.

Mould is a kind of microbe and it looks like this fuzzy fur and it is fluffy and sticky. The mould has colours like blue, green, black and white. There are roots underneath the mould.

Microbes can be bad like make your shoes stinky. There are 1% bad microbes. They can give you pimples. They can give you very bad diseases.

There are good microbes is well as bad. The good microbes can make fizz in ginger beer and another one can make milk into yogurt. Microbes help make the soil along with the worms.

There are good and bad microbes and if we didn’t have them we wouldn’t be alive.

By Emma
... E. coli Bacteria | by ...
A microscopic mite Lorryia ...

Microbe Report
Microbes are little organisms that you can’t see. They are so small you need a microscope to see them, and they are all around us. They can be moulds and the mould slowly devours your food. Another type of microbe is bacteria.

Microbes are very small. They are so small you need a microscope to see them. They are also different shapes like spirals, long and bumpy. They are also different colours like white, red, green and brown. There is a microbe called fungus, and another microbe is mould, which is fuzzy and it has roots called hyphae that grow inside foods.

Only 1% of microbes are bad. Some make you sick and give you pimples. One type can kill you and turn delicious food into green goo, and they make your sneaker small. Microbes carry types of diseases.

Only 9% of microbes in the world are good. Some put the fizz into ginger beer. They turn milk into yogurt and, they help you digest food. Microbes get rid of your organic rubbish, and you need them to survive.

In conclusion, microbes can be good and bad, and 90% are neither good or bad. Bad ones carry diseases and some can get into your body and into the blood cells, and good ones help you to survive.



Room 5's Model Castles

Room 5's Pop Art

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Autumn in the Orchard

We had a look in our school orchard and noticed that the figs that were still on the tree were going mouldy. We took photographs and wrote poems about what we saw. This is Adam's poem:

Autumn in the Orchard

As I felt a side of the pumpkin  it deformed.
I looked some more and there  inside  was pumpkin soup.
It was like a bowl full of overdated  soup.
Then I smelt it … yuck!

Munch and crunch I stood on some apples on the ground.
Then I saw an apple that was on its own.
“Yum, that looks like a good apple,” I thought.
Then I turned it over.
I shuddered with distaste and I dropped It.
It  was like a bullet had smashed right through the apple.

I walked over to the fig tree.
Some green and grey figs were on the tree.
It looked like the rotten figs were grey rats that were hanging on the trap that was the branches.

I looked at the leaves.

They looked like jelly fish that had been in the sun for too long and had turned a gold colour with freckles that were tinted brown.

Autumn in the Orchard
A rotting apple on the   ground  is  light green with patches of grey.

Screenshot 2016-05-30 at 1.07.02 PM.pngTiny bugs devour the brown side of the apple.

Mushy and soft it feels like a piece of slime.
I drop it as I scream with disgust and I never touched that apple again.
I look at a fig tree with lots of rotting figs on it.

I pick one of the figs that looks good, but when I have a closer look it is actually infested with little bits of mould and tiny bugs.

I poke one of the mouldy patches and it feels like pond mud that has gone very soft.

Shouting I drop it and never went near that fig again.    


Autumn in the Awahono Orchard
Rotting brown figs cover the ground especially in front of the fig tree that is covered with lichen.                                                                                                      
White mould is growing inside the fig and it has lots of little black spots on the tips of the white bristles.  
There are lots of little insects crawling over and inside it, and some starting to burrow into the sides of the rotten fig.
The sides of the fig are mushy but it’s hard on the top.  
Screenshot 2016-05-30 at 2.14.42 PM.pngI think I’m going to throw up because it’s revolting.
Screenshot 2016-05-30 at 1.06.09 PM.png



Screenshot 2016-05-30 at 2.23.39 PM.png
    Autumn Figs

I can see a big brown fig tree that grows lichen on the branches and it also has rotten figs that  are protruding out of the branches.
I stare at the figs for a couple of seconds and then I realise that there is a large amount of slime in the middle of the fig.  
I can feel small spikes on the fig.  
Screenshot 2016-05-30 at 2.27.33 PM.pngThey feel like soft prickles stuck on a tennis ball.
I feel disgusted inside because I have never seen anything as revolting as that before.
My body shivers with disgust.

By Kylah

Autumn in the Orchard
Brown leaves are everywhere, even on trees
There are dead figs everywhere on the almost bare leafy tree and on the ground.

I feel a dead apple and my finger bolts right through
“Yuck!” I say to myself.

 Oh what a sight, a  leaf  falls  onto my head. “This is cool with all of those colours you don’t see around the year,” I think..
  I see apples with insects bounding into the flesh inside.

I see a juicy apple lying by itself on the ground
As I pick it up my hand feels weird as I hold it in my hand   
I turn the apple around and that side is rotting so I then drop it on the ground.

Then I go to the fig tree.
On most of the figs there are sharp spikes that poke out.
When I touch them they feel silky and soft but I do not want to touch them any more when I remember that it is disgusting mould.

Then I go to see the lichen covering the plum tree.
 I thought it would feel stiff but it is slimy.




We have been using our Infobyte stories to help us with our writing.
We read a story about Pompeii, a city long ago that was covered in twenty four hours by pumice and ash from Mount Vesuvius, the volcano that was nearby. Pompeii completely disappeared and three quarters of the people died. We imagined we were there at the time and managed to survive the eruption. This is what Olivia wrote:

Pompeii:My story

It all started in Pompeii as me and Trinity were doing each others hair.  Suddenly the ground started shaking. We looked out the window and no one was panicking because they thought it was an ordinary earthquake.  

The earthquake had made Trinity  pull my hair.“Ow Trinity! ”I screamed. I looked out the window as a big puff of smoke, boulders and ashes launched out of Vesuvius the volcano that has always been considered as a mountain.  

Everyone started panicking and they were shouting “We're all going to die!” We're all going to die!”

Then the hot rocks and ash covered the sky like an ebony black blanket. By now everyone,including me and Trinity, was running around screaming and shouting because we were all scared and frightened about what could happen.  The burning smell that was coming from the smoke made me block  my nose with my fingers, but I could still taste the smell in my mouth.
Just at that second the hot rocks started to cool then they turned into pumice stone,which made a huge crash on the ground.  I raced to higher grounds and then I called Trinity to follow so she did.

But my other friends and family didn’t make it because they got smothered by pumice and ash.

So we watched the amazing and frightening sight that was in front of us. I felt quite lucky that I had survived but I was also sad because my family didn’t make it.

Pompeii: My Story
I was outside in the meadow moving the cattle with Mum, Dad and my best friend Reagan.  The sky was turning dark very quickly, so we started heading towards the house  when suddenly the ground started to shake and the cattle headed in all sorts of different directions. “Don’t worry girls, it’s only another silly earthquake,”sighed Dad.
“Yeah, this always happens,” I replied.  I searched the sky for the darkest clouds in the sky, for that’s what I always do, but it turned out that the darkest clouds were hanging motionlessly right over the top of Vesuvius.  However something wasn’t right, it all looked different it all felt different, but I couldn’t figure out what.  By now everyone had seen what I’d seen, but I just couldn’t figure out what any of this was.  Then it came to me, I’d had this described to me before by my friend who had survived the terrible volcanic eruption in northern France.  Out of the blue there was a fierce crack and booms shaking through Pompeii, and men were busily gathering their over-panicked families who were screaming their heads off, and running around the streets like headless chickens.   I knew exactly what I had to do, it was simple:“RUN” I yelled furiously. Streams of bright orange lava flew over the sky.  Suddenly all became dark, a sheet of hot gas had risen in the sky and blocked the sun.  I don’t know what I was feeling I don’t know any words to describe it.  We ran down the rickety streets, it seemed like it wasn’t real, everything was a blur.  It was then that I realised nobody was with me, I had ran to fast maybe no one had heard me, but I couldn’t go back to the horror I had to keep running no matter what.

The New Zealand Forest

When we came back from Shantytown, we did some more work on the layers in the New Zealand forest We drew diagrams and wrote reports. This is what Coby wrote:

How the New Zealand Forest is Structured
There are five different layers in the New Zealand  forest: emergent, canopy, sub-canopy, shrub and the forest floor. Each of the layers is unique in its own way.

The emergent is the top layer in the forest and it is the layer that looks over all of the rest of the trees. There are some different names for the trees like matai, rimu and kahikatea.   In the emergent layer there are  bird nests and there is sometimes berries in that layer. If some of the emergent trees fall over they become part of the forest floor.

The forest floor is the lowest of all of the layers.  In the forest floor is where all of the berries, emergent trees, canopy trees and the sub-canopy leaves come to after they fall down.  On the forest floor is all of the soil that helps the trees and the bush stay alive .  On the forest floor you can find insects,sticks, moss and leaves that had fallen off the trees.

The canopy has the second tallest trees because they are the ones under the emergent trees.  In the canopy layer there is some different kinds of trees like  tawa, beech and cabbage trees and lots of others.  The canopy has  lots of different things in the trees like birds, spiders and lots of other things.

In conclusion, in the forest there are five different layers in the New Zealand forest.

Visit to Shantytown

We visited Shantytown this term. Have a look at our photographs to see what we did.

Awahono School Fun Run

We had a great Fun Run with everyone achieving their minimum target of three laps of the school. Some people ran even further, and a few people in Room 5 completed seven laps of the school!

Monday, 2 May 2016

Andy Warhol Chickens

Inspired by Andy Warhol's repeated images, and his use of everyday subjects in his pop art, we drew chickens in black marker and created different patterns on each chicken. We added touches of red and drew a border pattern on a red background.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Rat Attack!

We have been enjoying listening to "Dodos Are Forever" by Dick King Smith.
We used some of the characters to help us with our writing.
We picked the sentences we liked best and wrote them out as large posters.

Monday, 11 April 2016

Native Berries

Today we looked at the berries of the kahikatea, a native tree that grows well on the West Coast, and we also examined the berries of the coprosma, a native shrub.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Greymouth Rotary Club Dictionaries

All our Year 5 children were proud and excited to receive their own illustrated dictionary today, which was a gift from Greymouth Rotary Club.  Thank you, Greymouth Rotary Club, we greatly appreciate having our own dictionaries, and we will use and value them for many years to come.

Top Team Competitions

Friday, 18 March 2016

How the Chicken Drinker Works

We have been learning how to write an explanation. We started off by looking at our special chicken drinker, then we drew it and labelled it before we started to write. We had to write an introductory paragraph, we had to describe the drinker and we had to explain how it worked.

The Chicken Drinker
Inside our school chicken coop is a chicken drinker that is sitting on the ground. The chickens use it frequently to drink from when starting to dehydrate. We have this  drinker because if we had a normal ice-cream container then consequently the chickens  would step in it, and tip it over, plus the water would become quite mucky. 
The chicken drinker is  like a miniature lighthouse sitting on the edge of the rocks, when it is sitting on  the ground. It also has the odd slime spot on it, but we clean that off when we give the chickens their water. The chicken drinker has two parts to it, the red shallow dish and the clear top.  
To fill the drinker with fresh water, you must firstly  take the top off the lighthouse from  the the shallow, red dish.Then you  fill it with water. You have to pick up the shallow dish and push down on the top of the lighthouse until you hear a click! Finally  you flip it upright  so that the chickens can drink from it. There is a bulge in the side of the lighthouse top, and  that is how the water escapes from it. The chickens water flows continuously. Once the task is complete the chickens can finally have their supply of fresh, clean water.

Chicken Drinker
In the chicken coop on the ground there is a chicken drinker.  The chickens use the drinker when they are thirsty and need water to drink.  The drinker is a special drinker so it can keep the water clean and so it cannot tip over but sometimes it clogs up with hay and we need to get the hay out.  

The chicken drinker is made out off plastic.  The top is white and the bottom is red.  The bottom of the drinker is like a dish. When you look at the top of the drinker it looks like a little white mountain.

When you need to refill the drinker, firstly you will take the top off and turn it over, then you would  put water in it,put the lid on so it clicks, and then turn it over.  After that you would put the drinker in the shade in the coop. There is a bit on the bottom of the white section that lets the water out , and the water that comes out goes into the red dish so the chickens can drink out of it.  

The Chicken Drinker
Our chickens have a chicken drinker, and it is like a huge chicken drink bottle. I will explain how it works, what it looks like, where it is and how the chicken use it.

In the side of the chicken drinker there is a little spout which allows a little bit of water out at a time. When the water runs out someone fills it up again, and now I will explain to you how to do that. What you do is unclick the container from the red plate, then tip it upside down and fill it up with water.  Finally, get the red plate, click it onto the container and then tip it upside down so the chickens can drink again.
The chicken drinker is on the ground in the corner of the chicken coop, and the chickens come into the coop frequently to have a drink. Since the chickens do not usually drink that much, the water lasts for about a week.

The chicken drinker has a red plate at the bottom which is used to hold the water that chickens will drink, and in the middle there is a large clear container holding lots of water so that will last the chickens quite a while.  The chicken drinker is very convenient because it holds lots of water, the chickens can drink out of it easily, they can’t put their dirty feet in the drinking bit and get all  the water dirty,and nobody has to come and put some more water in the drinking piece for the chickens.

Screenshot 2016-03-16 at 12.59.14 PM.png

Room 5 Rules

These are the rules we came up with in Room 5. We thought carefully about what would help us to learn and we first of all brainstormed our ideas on a Padlet. We then agreed on the best ideas and made them our Room 5 Rules for this year. We have been learning how to display them using Google Drawing. We would welcome any feedback on how we can improve our displays next time!

Friday, 4 March 2016

Awahono School's Chickens

Chicken Descriptions

We have continued to work on writing descriptions. We observed our school chickens before writing about them. 

Chicken Description
At Awahono School we have five lovely shaver chickens which live in  a verdant orchard by our tyre swing, Their chicken hut is extensive, and painted in a bold green.

The chickens themselves  vary to each other, each with diverse behaviour and colours. They all love to explore the world beyond them, and each one likes different things, does different things, and explores in a diverse way.

Each of the chicken’s sharp claws is either sharper or blunter than the others. Their stubby stick legs are scaly like a snake’s skin. The feathers sitting on them are as light as the shavings of a pencil. They have bright red combs which dangle from their heads .They each have a long narrow pointed beak coloured a light yellow; one, however, has a very coiled beak, and we like to call her Beaky.

When someone comes to feed the chickens their rank scraps the greedy things will dash to you. They lay about 2 to 3  eggs a day. They all enjoy escaping from their home and into the sheep’s paddock (but I do not think that the sheep like it).

One young female  chicken in particular is brown and stout, with dark brown eyes. I think she should be called Chocolate because she is the darkest one out of all of them. Just like the others, she has very yellow and scaly legs. world, for she is almost always out of her pen. She is the greediest chicken, who likes rank food best of all. She also has a beak that is  yellow too. Chocolate is like a chicken born not just for eggs but for adventure around the world.

After a big day of chicken adventures the chickens go to bed on their perches. As you can see our schools chickens are all very diverse in lots of ways.

Chickens Description
At Awahono School we have five brown shavers that live in an orchard by the pool. They all have very soft feathers.They all do their own thing around the School grounds.We usually get two or three eggs a day and they all go to the office and they sell them.  They lay their eggs in a coop on hay and under the trees.

When we give them scraps from people's lunch they run to you and munch it. They peck your ankles a lot and they chase you when you are eating your lunch or break. They go into the sheep paddock next to the orchard.

There is one that is always in the sheep paddock, her name is Becky because its beak  is bent.  She normally she is too late to the food but when she is there she gets some food.  She is always comes to the lunch area with her friend or on her own.  She is always on the field where we play soccer.                                                        

Some of chickens sleep on wooden poles in their coop clucking themselves to sleep and the others lay sleepy in their laying  boxes.  And they fight over who is sleeping on the poles and who is in boxes.


Chicken Description
At Awahono School we have five lovely shaver chickens that live in an  orchard  in front of the orchard is a big pool.  Our chickens are very sneaky because they are always escaping out of the little chicken coop.  The chickens are always wandering around on their giant yellow legs.  
Our chickens lay one to three eggs a day in their comfortable hay bed that's in  a box on the side of the chicken coop. They don't just lay in their hay box, they lay under trees as well.    
There is one chicken that's my favorite . Her name is Clucky the chicken.  She is gold and white, and when she is in the sun you can see a beautiful strip of silver. It looks amazing .  Her legs are white and yellow and  they  feel a bit scaly.
Clucky has hundreds of feathers that look like a big rough gold blanket. Sometimes when I go to see her and   pick her up she will crouch down and it looks like  that she is doing a bow to the princess.  When I have food she will chase me for it. When Clucky  likes to have  dirt baths in our school  sandpit it looks like she is swimming in some disgusting tea and it looks funny.
Chicken Description
At Awahono School we have an orchard that is behind the school pool, and in the orchard we have  five chickens.  They like to escape and get food when it is breaktime, and they get out by flying and jumping over the fence.  They are not full size yet, they are almost full size though.  The chickens are together at night to sleep in a coop in boxes.
There is one chicken that is silver, white and bright brown.  Her name is Specky.  She stands out well with her  beautiful colours.   She has  millions of feathers all over,  except for  her legs. Specky is a great layer  because she always gives one egg a day. She has a  very round breast around her middle where her feet  are. Her stick legs are like a pencil, and her sharp toes are like a knife and as pointy as a stick.  Specky is very plump like a hippopotamus underneath but she is quite bony when you  lift her up from the ground.  She likes to make dirt baths in the garden in the chicken pen.  Specky is the best chicken I know of.
We have the chickens because they help us fundraise for money for camps and things like that.  
File:Chickens at Tranquilles
                                      Chicken Description
At Awahono School, tucked away in a small, but spacious orchard, live five amazing shaver chickens!
All of the chickens are extremely friendly, probably the most friendly chickens I have ever met. They are so greedy, especially when they get our lunch leftovers! Beaky is the greediest chicken out of all the chickens.  She comes scavenging for food that might have been dropped by a school kid. If she doesn't  succeed she will swipe food that another chicken had in its mouth, or maybe just scuttle away on their scrawny little legs with half of the other chicken’s meal, and cluck out, “Victory is mine!” over and over again.
Don’t get me wrong, I love all the chickens, but I have to say that my favourite has to be Beaky, who gets her fabulous name from her short,yellow beak, which is crooked on the side of the top place of her beak.  We are all surprised that she is still able to eat.
Beaky has beautiful colours on her soft oval feathers. Her feathers are red and brown and nearer the bottom sort of a burgundy colour. She has extremely fluffy white feathers around her bottom.  
Like I said earlier, Beaky is very friendly, she loves cuddles from all the kids and she is very easy to hold.   But make sure you don’t hold her for too long because she is a very active chicken and does not stay in one place for very long at all.  Sometimes you will go to pat Beaky, but she will ruffle up her feathers, and that is like an indicator to you that she is about to walk off and do her own thing.
Beaky is a clever chicken who knows a secret way to get out of her large orchard, so she can go and examine what is happening in the bushes and see what all the kids are up to and try to play with them. She always adventures around the school and makes her way around the school in a few hours.
After a full-on day of stealing food, escaping out of the orchard and  laying eggs Beaky sits up on her wooden perch and sleeps, charging her imaginary chicken batteries for another big day ahead.
Chicken Description
At Awahono School we have five beautiful chickens that live in an orchard beside our school pool.  They lay about three to four eggs a day, and also love to escape from the orchard because they like to steal all of our food from our lunch boxes.  Plus they are a family because they were raised altogether in a small sized incubator.  When it comes to feeding time, all of them start dashing to the gate because they are all big, hungry, greedy, and fat.  
They also have big breasts, don’t get me wrong, they are adorable!  When chickens escape, they run to where Awahono students have lunch and start eating everyone’s lunch. Like I said, they are greedy, like in the story Greedy Cat.  The chickens sleep in the hay and that is where they lay their warm white, brown and speckled eggs.  They are friendly, but when you pick them up they either kick, flap or scratch.  

Now I am going to describe a chicken to you.  The chicken that I am going to describe is a kind, soft, happy and silly chicken, her name is Blondy.  She is one of the main chickens that escape and when she escapes she comes and hangs out with me around where we have our lunch.  Her feathers are as soft as silk, Blondy’s colouring is really light brown.  When I go to look at the chickens or check the eggs, Blondy would race to the gate and wait until I come in to either check on them or to go and get the eggs.  She likes to talk to me or she just follows me especially when I go down to feed her.  Blondy is kind and she’s always in a good mood because I always come and see her and she’s greedy like my big fat cat Bob because he is greedy too.  Her claws are sharp and pointy and her legs are a nice yellow colour, they look like mini sticks and her comb is a nice bright red and is wavy  like the sea when it’s rough.  Blondy is one of the biggest and friendliest chickens that we have, but when it comes to bedtime, she sleeps with all of her family in the chicken coop.
The main thing Blondy and I do is sit in the fig tree that she likes to play in and guess what we do?  We have a big hug, it’s only because we are good friends and good friends hug, especially, if they are sad or hurt.
Her eyes are filled with greatness and they are a nice bright yellow too, and I’m just going to say one more thing about those glorious eyes well they are like huge sparkly monster eyes.  She is the greatest, cluckity cluck cluck family member of all the chickens. 

Chicken Description
We have five small chickens at Awahono School in an orchard beside the swimming pool and the tyre swing.  They sleep in a tree beside the glass house and sometimes in their warm snuggly  chicken coop.   

The chickens breed is pure shaver.  Their colours are  brown and orange,  and their feathers are really nice and soft.  Their beak is  orange and smooth with two holes on top. They have round breasts and a very wavy red  comb.  Their legs  are like  pointy sticks.  Their legs  are very lumpy and orange. All of  the chickens are   bright, respectful girls.

The chickens  always like getting out of the big orchard.  They slide under the gate and start their adventure.  The chickens always peck the hay out of their wonderful pen . They  always  take dirt baths every day because they love it, but they do get really dirty and stinky.  The chickens are a year old, so they are quite small.  The chickens love to peck at every white thing.  

There is one chicken that is a really darker colour than the other ones.  Her colour is like  dark chocolate melting on sticky hands.  She’s pretty fast for a small chicken like her. She does not have dirt baths all the time because she’s always exploring the huge orchard.  She may be the same breed  but she is different compared to the others.

Do you feel like you want  a chicken?  If you do, that would be a good idea because chickens are really great pets to have.
By Kylah