Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Bubble Art

With the recent lockdown the children were still talking about their bubbles and who they interacted with in their bubble.  This gave me the idea to do some bubble art for a wee bit of fun.

Here are the wonderful examples of some Room 5 bubble art using pastels.

Thursday, 14 May 2020

Remote Learning Week 5 Day 4

Well as we finished our 2nd to last day of remote learning I am still so impressed with the work that the children have completed.

Today they had a challenge to label the different parts of some NZ birds.

By Deacon

For literacy we have been looking a Homonyms.  These are words that sound the same, are spelt the same but have different meanings.  Here are some examples to help explain this:

By Lochie

By Inshirah

Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Remote Learning Week 5 Day 4

Today we really took time to notice all the wonderful wildlife that is around us.  Room 5 got given a variety of links so they could learn the different song each bird sings.  The children were then asked to take some time to sit outside and make a note of all the bird song they could hear or what birds they notices.

This is what Tom heard:

This is what Lochie heard:

And Deacon heard:

For literacy today we look at homophones and the children had 3 challenges around homophones to complete today.

Deacon showed a strong understanding of homophones with this presentation:

Mila showed how she could find a variety of homophones and she even managed to find some homonyms.

Inshirah doing a wonderful job putting her homophones into sentences:

Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Remote Learning Week 5 Day 2

Today the children were learning about similes and how they can enhance our writing.

Deacon did a wonderful job with his simile examples:

Mila did a fantastic job with her simile writing too:

This week for maths we have been looking at using a variety of problem solving strategies to solve the maths challenges.

Cameron put his digital skills to use when using the acting out technique with todays challenge:

Inshirah showed how she used the drawing technique to work out her maths challenge:

As some of our topic work the children were asked to name our native birds.  I can't believe how awesome everyone was at this.  It just confirms to me that we are lucky to live in such a special part of the county where these birds are apart of our everyday life.

Hannah did well and named all the birds.

Monday, 11 May 2020

Remote Learning Week 5 Day 1

As we head into our final week of remote learning, I must say I have enjoyed seeing the children of Room 5 adapted to this new style of learning, I will be taking parts of what we have done can develop these more on our return to school.  I am so excited that we are heading into Level 2!!!

Today the children were set a PE challenge around throwing practice.  This could be down with a family member or on your own. 

Inshirah played the game with her little brother and did a fantastic reflection on the process too.

Tom did a fantastic job doing the PE challenge and I am sure his legs will be super sore after that workout.

For maths this week we are looking at using our problem solving strategies.  Inshirah has done a fantastic job showing her strategies and how she solved the problems. 

Linking to our David Walliams shared story 'Bad Dad' we looked at alliteration for our literacy today.
The children were given the challenge to write 10 alliteration sentence.

Bella did a wonderful job with her writing today.

Chido let her crazy, creative writing come out!

Mia had fun playing with words to complete her writing task.

Thursday, 7 May 2020

Remote Learning Week 4 Day 4

Today the children looked at recycling and related it to a product that is used within our school.  Our Fonterra milk cartons.  The children had a chance to research what happens to the milk cartons when they leave our school, where they go to be processed, what they are turned into and who benefits from this process.

Insihirah did an incredible explaining this process:

Mia was able to include some key vocab in her presentation about the recycling process:

Another challenge was to made a new product from recycled goods at home:

Mia has let her creative juices flow with her creation:

Inshirah created a very functional piece and something I could use during art time in Room 5:

One of the last challenges for the day was to design their own unique banger race car that represents them personally.

Mila did a fantastic job with her design and reasons behind her design, but I'm sure her car looks a bit like Mrs Wallace's mustang.......

Wednesday, 6 May 2020

Remote Learning Week 4 Day 3

Today my team of hardworking children spent the day looking at how we can reduce waste and then had to create a poster to educate others.

Once again we had some fantastic examples what amazing digital skills the children have.

Bella's Poster:

Deacon had some awesome ideas to share too:

Another challenge Room 5 were set today was to learn about Banger Racing.  We have been reading the David Walliams book called 'Bad Dad'.  In this book Gilbert Goodie is a banger racer.  The children were challenge to create fact files about Banger Racing in the United Kingdom and then make comparisons between that and stock car racing here in NZ.

Inshirah has done a wonderful job creating a slideshow around this:

Mila was able to share heaps of information and her comparison was very clear between the two countries:

I can't wait to see what other wonderful work will be created in the 2nd half of the week.

Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Remote Learning Week 4 Day 2

Today in Room 5 we continued to look at the 3 R's.  Have taken a look at what can happen when things go wrong.  Something that is very close to home for us here on the West Coast is the Fox River landfill disaster that occurred in 2019.  The children were shared a number of links that they had to read and watch to give them information around this disaster and the long running affects it has on our environment.

Tom did a wonderful job completing the comprehension sheet on the Fox River disaster.

Inshirah has shown that for a Year 4 student she is excelling with these tasks!

Amelia finished her onomatopoeia writing.

Remote Learning Week 4 Day 1

Today Room 5 had a number of fun challenges based on our class novel and the 3 R's (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle).

The PE challenge was to make some home gym equipment using recycled goods or equipment at home.

Inshirah did a fantastic job with her homemade gym equipment.

Literacy today was a challenge around onomatopoeia.  The children were asked to write a paragraph that used onomatopoeia to add effect to their writing.

Logan had fun writing this text today.

Chido also let her creativity flow with this piece of writing.

Friday, 1 May 2020

Remote Learning Week 3 Day 4 Funday Friday!!!

Welcome to the last day of week 3 remote learning.  This week seems to have just whizzed by!  Today the children learnt about onomatopoeia and had to share their learning by creating a slideshow giving examples of some onomatopoeia words.

Here is the wonderful work that Logan created today.

Inshirah pushed herself once again and not only gave examples of onomatopoeia but then shared some facts on her slideshow too!

Mia was able to share her new knowledge on onomatopoeia very well in this slideshow.

Room 5 were also given the challenge to create a bird feeder reusing materials they had at home.  I loved all the creative ideas that the children came up with today!

Cameron used an orange to make his bird feeder.

Chido did a wonderful job making a bird feeder using a shoe box and toilet roll which looked amazing!

Mia got the hammer and nails out for her bird feed and she made a feeder that should last the birds a very long time!!

Every Friday I share with the class the Maths Whizz results which shows those who have meet the 60 minutes per week requirement.  Today I was so proud to see Deacon at the top of the leader boards with not only with 116 minutes on Maths Whizz but he moved up 16 progressions this week.  The goal is 4 per week!!   Well done Deacon and all those who did the 60 minutes this week.