Monday, 11 May 2020

Remote Learning Week 5 Day 1

As we head into our final week of remote learning, I must say I have enjoyed seeing the children of Room 5 adapted to this new style of learning, I will be taking parts of what we have done can develop these more on our return to school.  I am so excited that we are heading into Level 2!!!

Today the children were set a PE challenge around throwing practice.  This could be down with a family member or on your own. 

Inshirah played the game with her little brother and did a fantastic reflection on the process too.

Tom did a fantastic job doing the PE challenge and I am sure his legs will be super sore after that workout.

For maths this week we are looking at using our problem solving strategies.  Inshirah has done a fantastic job showing her strategies and how she solved the problems. 

Linking to our David Walliams shared story 'Bad Dad' we looked at alliteration for our literacy today.
The children were given the challenge to write 10 alliteration sentence.

Bella did a wonderful job with her writing today.

Chido let her crazy, creative writing come out!

Mia had fun playing with words to complete her writing task.

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