Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Room 5's Lily Descriptions

In Room 5 we have started off the year by working on our descriptive writing. We wrote about the lilies that were in a pot at the entrance to the school.
We thought about shape, colour, texture, size, number, position and doing when wrote notes before we started our writing.

When you walk into Awahono School there is a beautiful pot of lilies.  Some are pink and  some are white. In the middle of the lilies are stamens that sprout out . The lilies are large and thick and the petals are big and obvious. There is a  mixture of pink and white lilies, some of each.The lilies are blooming out of their  stems.The lilies are furry and crinkled. Now the petals are falling off the lilies and shrivelling into the soil.

We have lilies at our school in a  glass pot by the school office. There are pink and white petals on the lily.  There is a little bit of white on the edges of the petals. In the middle of the lily there is a greenish white triangle. There are deep pink spots in the middle of the petals, also light orange speckles. The petals have curved edges. The lily is quite large with thick stamens poking up in the middle with fire orange pollen on  all the tips.   A bit of the lily is rotting and turning brown as dirt.  There are a few lilies in the pot .  They are overlapping each other. The beautiful, light petals have now turned into rotten  petals falling into the soil at the bottom of the lilies.

When you enter Awahono School the first thing that catches your eye is a giant pot full of stunning pink and white lilies. Around the outside of the pink petals is a ring of white. The large petals are all crinkled around the outside of them. Pointing out of the centre of the lilies are stamens. On the end of the stamens is the bright orange pollen, which is curled over like a moustache. The petals overlap each other as they fight for the sunlight.  

Now the lilies are going brown and rotten. The petals are dropping off the  flower and into the pot and decomposing. All that’s left is the centre of the flower and the rotten stamens.


When you walk into school there are some pink and white lilies in a pot by the office. Near the centre of the petals it is deep pink with black speckles all around it. Shooting out from the centre of the flower are some white stamens and on the top of the stamens there is some moustache like pollen. The outside of the lilies are white  with crinkled edges. Now they are slowly starting to die and fade away, the leaves are falling off into the pot and rotting.
As you walk into the school entrance, under the notice whiteboard stands a huge pot of stunning lilies, staring you in the face.

The deep pink flows through the flower’s white petals with little magenta speckles dotted around the centre of the petal. An awkward line runs through the middle of each petal.  The six rusty orange curves of pollen rise up out of the flower on the tip of their long white stamens.

The beautiful lilies have big and obvious crinkly, overlapping petals with a dent in the top. The satiny petals feel like a silky cloth.

The once colour-filled,fresh lilies are now a brown decaying mess. When they fell off their rotting stems they were caught by the temporarily fresh leaves, while some were left resting on the surface of the compost until they disintegrate into the soil.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Welcome to Room 5 2016

Meet the children of Room 5, 2016

This year's Room 5 class is made up of 16 Year 5 children (who were in Room 5 last year) and 8 Year 4 children who have moved up from Room 2.

The first day back at school was very exciting because all the children received their new Chromebook. 2016 will be Room 5's first year as a digital immersion class.

On our first day back when we all unpacked our brand new Chromebooks, which was very exciting. Since then we have begun to learn how to find our way around the digital world, and we have also started to learn about being Cybersmart.  When we know a lot more we will be allowed to take our devices home with us.

There was lots of packing to get through!
We are beginning to find our way around the class website.