Friday, 8 July 2016

Microbe Reports

We have been learning to write reports. We put what we had learned about microbes in a report.

Microbe Report

Microbes are living creatures. We can’t see them because they are so small. They are everywhere and all over everything. There are microbes that are good and bad.

Mould is a kind of microbe and it looks like this fuzzy fur and it is fluffy and sticky. The mould has colours like blue, green, black and white. There are roots underneath the mould.

Microbes can be bad like make your shoes stinky. There are 1% bad microbes. They can give you pimples. They can give you very bad diseases.

There are good microbes is well as bad. The good microbes can make fizz in ginger beer and another one can make milk into yogurt. Microbes help make the soil along with the worms.

There are good and bad microbes and if we didn’t have them we wouldn’t be alive.

By Emma
... E. coli Bacteria | by ...
A microscopic mite Lorryia ...

Microbe Report
Microbes are little organisms that you can’t see. They are so small you need a microscope to see them, and they are all around us. They can be moulds and the mould slowly devours your food. Another type of microbe is bacteria.

Microbes are very small. They are so small you need a microscope to see them. They are also different shapes like spirals, long and bumpy. They are also different colours like white, red, green and brown. There is a microbe called fungus, and another microbe is mould, which is fuzzy and it has roots called hyphae that grow inside foods.

Only 1% of microbes are bad. Some make you sick and give you pimples. One type can kill you and turn delicious food into green goo, and they make your sneaker small. Microbes carry types of diseases.

Only 9% of microbes in the world are good. Some put the fizz into ginger beer. They turn milk into yogurt and, they help you digest food. Microbes get rid of your organic rubbish, and you need them to survive.

In conclusion, microbes can be good and bad, and 90% are neither good or bad. Bad ones carry diseases and some can get into your body and into the blood cells, and good ones help you to survive.



Room 5's Model Castles

Room 5's Pop Art

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Autumn in the Orchard

We had a look in our school orchard and noticed that the figs that were still on the tree were going mouldy. We took photographs and wrote poems about what we saw. This is Adam's poem:

Autumn in the Orchard

As I felt a side of the pumpkin  it deformed.
I looked some more and there  inside  was pumpkin soup.
It was like a bowl full of overdated  soup.
Then I smelt it … yuck!

Munch and crunch I stood on some apples on the ground.
Then I saw an apple that was on its own.
“Yum, that looks like a good apple,” I thought.
Then I turned it over.
I shuddered with distaste and I dropped It.
It  was like a bullet had smashed right through the apple.

I walked over to the fig tree.
Some green and grey figs were on the tree.
It looked like the rotten figs were grey rats that were hanging on the trap that was the branches.

I looked at the leaves.

They looked like jelly fish that had been in the sun for too long and had turned a gold colour with freckles that were tinted brown.

Autumn in the Orchard
A rotting apple on the   ground  is  light green with patches of grey.

Screenshot 2016-05-30 at 1.07.02 PM.pngTiny bugs devour the brown side of the apple.

Mushy and soft it feels like a piece of slime.
I drop it as I scream with disgust and I never touched that apple again.
I look at a fig tree with lots of rotting figs on it.

I pick one of the figs that looks good, but when I have a closer look it is actually infested with little bits of mould and tiny bugs.

I poke one of the mouldy patches and it feels like pond mud that has gone very soft.

Shouting I drop it and never went near that fig again.    


Autumn in the Awahono Orchard
Rotting brown figs cover the ground especially in front of the fig tree that is covered with lichen.                                                                                                      
White mould is growing inside the fig and it has lots of little black spots on the tips of the white bristles.  
There are lots of little insects crawling over and inside it, and some starting to burrow into the sides of the rotten fig.
The sides of the fig are mushy but it’s hard on the top.  
Screenshot 2016-05-30 at 2.14.42 PM.pngI think I’m going to throw up because it’s revolting.
Screenshot 2016-05-30 at 1.06.09 PM.png



Screenshot 2016-05-30 at 2.23.39 PM.png
    Autumn Figs

I can see a big brown fig tree that grows lichen on the branches and it also has rotten figs that  are protruding out of the branches.
I stare at the figs for a couple of seconds and then I realise that there is a large amount of slime in the middle of the fig.  
I can feel small spikes on the fig.  
Screenshot 2016-05-30 at 2.27.33 PM.pngThey feel like soft prickles stuck on a tennis ball.
I feel disgusted inside because I have never seen anything as revolting as that before.
My body shivers with disgust.

By Kylah

Autumn in the Orchard
Brown leaves are everywhere, even on trees
There are dead figs everywhere on the almost bare leafy tree and on the ground.

I feel a dead apple and my finger bolts right through
“Yuck!” I say to myself.

 Oh what a sight, a  leaf  falls  onto my head. “This is cool with all of those colours you don’t see around the year,” I think..
  I see apples with insects bounding into the flesh inside.

I see a juicy apple lying by itself on the ground
As I pick it up my hand feels weird as I hold it in my hand   
I turn the apple around and that side is rotting so I then drop it on the ground.

Then I go to the fig tree.
On most of the figs there are sharp spikes that poke out.
When I touch them they feel silky and soft but I do not want to touch them any more when I remember that it is disgusting mould.

Then I go to see the lichen covering the plum tree.
 I thought it would feel stiff but it is slimy.




We have been using our Infobyte stories to help us with our writing.
We read a story about Pompeii, a city long ago that was covered in twenty four hours by pumice and ash from Mount Vesuvius, the volcano that was nearby. Pompeii completely disappeared and three quarters of the people died. We imagined we were there at the time and managed to survive the eruption. This is what Olivia wrote:

Pompeii:My story

It all started in Pompeii as me and Trinity were doing each others hair.  Suddenly the ground started shaking. We looked out the window and no one was panicking because they thought it was an ordinary earthquake.  

The earthquake had made Trinity  pull my hair.“Ow Trinity! ”I screamed. I looked out the window as a big puff of smoke, boulders and ashes launched out of Vesuvius the volcano that has always been considered as a mountain.  

Everyone started panicking and they were shouting “We're all going to die!” We're all going to die!”

Then the hot rocks and ash covered the sky like an ebony black blanket. By now everyone,including me and Trinity, was running around screaming and shouting because we were all scared and frightened about what could happen.  The burning smell that was coming from the smoke made me block  my nose with my fingers, but I could still taste the smell in my mouth.
Just at that second the hot rocks started to cool then they turned into pumice stone,which made a huge crash on the ground.  I raced to higher grounds and then I called Trinity to follow so she did.

But my other friends and family didn’t make it because they got smothered by pumice and ash.

So we watched the amazing and frightening sight that was in front of us. I felt quite lucky that I had survived but I was also sad because my family didn’t make it.

Pompeii: My Story
I was outside in the meadow moving the cattle with Mum, Dad and my best friend Reagan.  The sky was turning dark very quickly, so we started heading towards the house  when suddenly the ground started to shake and the cattle headed in all sorts of different directions. “Don’t worry girls, it’s only another silly earthquake,”sighed Dad.
“Yeah, this always happens,” I replied.  I searched the sky for the darkest clouds in the sky, for that’s what I always do, but it turned out that the darkest clouds were hanging motionlessly right over the top of Vesuvius.  However something wasn’t right, it all looked different it all felt different, but I couldn’t figure out what.  By now everyone had seen what I’d seen, but I just couldn’t figure out what any of this was.  Then it came to me, I’d had this described to me before by my friend who had survived the terrible volcanic eruption in northern France.  Out of the blue there was a fierce crack and booms shaking through Pompeii, and men were busily gathering their over-panicked families who were screaming their heads off, and running around the streets like headless chickens.   I knew exactly what I had to do, it was simple:“RUN” I yelled furiously. Streams of bright orange lava flew over the sky.  Suddenly all became dark, a sheet of hot gas had risen in the sky and blocked the sun.  I don’t know what I was feeling I don’t know any words to describe it.  We ran down the rickety streets, it seemed like it wasn’t real, everything was a blur.  It was then that I realised nobody was with me, I had ran to fast maybe no one had heard me, but I couldn’t go back to the horror I had to keep running no matter what.

The New Zealand Forest

When we came back from Shantytown, we did some more work on the layers in the New Zealand forest We drew diagrams and wrote reports. This is what Coby wrote:

How the New Zealand Forest is Structured
There are five different layers in the New Zealand  forest: emergent, canopy, sub-canopy, shrub and the forest floor. Each of the layers is unique in its own way.

The emergent is the top layer in the forest and it is the layer that looks over all of the rest of the trees. There are some different names for the trees like matai, rimu and kahikatea.   In the emergent layer there are  bird nests and there is sometimes berries in that layer. If some of the emergent trees fall over they become part of the forest floor.

The forest floor is the lowest of all of the layers.  In the forest floor is where all of the berries, emergent trees, canopy trees and the sub-canopy leaves come to after they fall down.  On the forest floor is all of the soil that helps the trees and the bush stay alive .  On the forest floor you can find insects,sticks, moss and leaves that had fallen off the trees.

The canopy has the second tallest trees because they are the ones under the emergent trees.  In the canopy layer there is some different kinds of trees like  tawa, beech and cabbage trees and lots of others.  The canopy has  lots of different things in the trees like birds, spiders and lots of other things.

In conclusion, in the forest there are five different layers in the New Zealand forest.

Visit to Shantytown

We visited Shantytown this term. Have a look at our photographs to see what we did.

Awahono School Fun Run

We had a great Fun Run with everyone achieving their minimum target of three laps of the school. Some people ran even further, and a few people in Room 5 completed seven laps of the school!