Friday, 8 July 2016

Microbe Reports

We have been learning to write reports. We put what we had learned about microbes in a report.

Microbe Report

Microbes are living creatures. We can’t see them because they are so small. They are everywhere and all over everything. There are microbes that are good and bad.

Mould is a kind of microbe and it looks like this fuzzy fur and it is fluffy and sticky. The mould has colours like blue, green, black and white. There are roots underneath the mould.

Microbes can be bad like make your shoes stinky. There are 1% bad microbes. They can give you pimples. They can give you very bad diseases.

There are good microbes is well as bad. The good microbes can make fizz in ginger beer and another one can make milk into yogurt. Microbes help make the soil along with the worms.

There are good and bad microbes and if we didn’t have them we wouldn’t be alive.

By Emma
... E. coli Bacteria | by ...
A microscopic mite Lorryia ...

Microbe Report
Microbes are little organisms that you can’t see. They are so small you need a microscope to see them, and they are all around us. They can be moulds and the mould slowly devours your food. Another type of microbe is bacteria.

Microbes are very small. They are so small you need a microscope to see them. They are also different shapes like spirals, long and bumpy. They are also different colours like white, red, green and brown. There is a microbe called fungus, and another microbe is mould, which is fuzzy and it has roots called hyphae that grow inside foods.

Only 1% of microbes are bad. Some make you sick and give you pimples. One type can kill you and turn delicious food into green goo, and they make your sneaker small. Microbes carry types of diseases.

Only 9% of microbes in the world are good. Some put the fizz into ginger beer. They turn milk into yogurt and, they help you digest food. Microbes get rid of your organic rubbish, and you need them to survive.

In conclusion, microbes can be good and bad, and 90% are neither good or bad. Bad ones carry diseases and some can get into your body and into the blood cells, and good ones help you to survive.


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