Thursday, 30 April 2020

Remote Learning Week 3 Day 3

Room 5 are showing me how creative they can be this week and I am stoked with their creative talent!

Today they had to create games at home using recycled materials.  I am going to use heaps of these ideas with my two kids at home as they are fantastic ideas.

Deacon made a game for one but then turned it into a challenge for the family as they had to see how many times in a row they could get the ball into the container.

(How proud of me that I worked out how to upload a video!!!!!!!!)

Inshirah create a fantastic game where her and her brother had a caterpillar race using paper and straws.

We have started our David Walliams unit and today the students were asked to do some research around David Walliam by doing an author study.

Mila has presented her author study in a fantastic slideshow that using facts and images to pass on her new knowledge.

Indea-May has created a wonderful google drawing to share her knowledge around David.

Logan also shared his author study in a google drawing.

Inshirah has shown that after only having her chromebook for 1 term she has fantastic digital skills and was able to display her author study to a really high standard. 

It was also fantastic to see children who are catching up on work that they didn't get done from earlier this week.

Mia and Jake collected rubbish from along their road and then she finished her day off by making her toilet roll fish.

Ty surprised me with some extra writing he has been doing and I was so proud to see he had been directing his own learning.

This is a very big blog post but honestly I am just so proud of all the work the wonderful children in Room 5 are doing.  Thank you for all you are doing, I am so proud of you all.

Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Remote Learning Week 3 Day 2

It has been another successful day of learning with Room 5.  I am seeing the children get stronger and stronger with their maths around perimetre, but of course I can't share those on the blog just yet or we will give the answers away for those who have not completed the task yet!

Today we looked at what happens to our rubbish here in New Zealand and then here in the Grey District.  Cameron answered all the comprehension questions and then managed to pin the local landfill on a google map.

The children were also given an art challenging using recycled good that they would have at home.  Here is Amelia and Toms toilet roll fish which they turned into toothbrush holders.

Chido used a craft kids she had at home to add details to her toilet roll fish.

It was also awesome to hear that Lochie Mills was able to upload his PE obstacle course onto his blog so feel free to click on his link and take a look.

Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Remote Learning Week 3 Day 1

Today we started a new topic around Reduce, Reuse and Recycling.  Today was a chance to see what prior knowledge the children already had and what they currently do at home around these 3 R's.

Indea-May did a wonderful job to get the definition for these words from the dictionary:

Reuse means to use something again.
Reduce means to make something smaller is size or amount.

Recycle means to use something again.

This was the prior knowledge that Mia has about the 3 R's:

Harmonie and her family do the below thing towards the 3 R's:

Another challenge the Room 5 children were given today was to create an obstacle course for PE. I received some fantastic videos that have really amazed me, made me laugh and shown me your fantastic creative skills. As I am having some issues uploading them I have taken some screenshots to share with you.

This was Inshirahs:

Amelia and Tom did a fantastic job also:

Lochie did a fantastic bike obstacle course:

Cameron was so brave finishing his course in the swimming pool!!

Deacon and his family had a wonderful time out on their course:

Saturday, 25 April 2020

Remote Learning Week 2 Day 5

Well as the week comes to a close I am once again so proud of the Rm 5 children and of all the work they have completed this week.  All work is doing to a really good standard and the children are taking on board all the feedback that is given.

Today was last day on our Anzac unit and it was all about remembering those who gave so much so we could have this wonderful life now.

Here are some examples of the memories that were made:

Inshirah wrote this lovely poem.

Tyler made some wonderful poppies to put on his front fence.

Harmonie and her mum made this wonderful tribute using an egg carton.

Bella and her sister did these lovely tributes.

Logan wrote this lovely poem and presented it in a fantastic way.

Indea-May created a lovely acrostic poem about Anzac.

I just love all of these tributes to our Anzac.  Thank you Room 5 for all your hard work.

Thursday, 23 April 2020

Remote Learning Week 2 Day 4

As the 2nd week of remote learning draws to a close I feel privileged to work alongside these wonderful children.  Today the children were given the task to research and learn about the RSA and how they support our veterans.

The children were given some questions to guide them and then they have to go off and do some research.

Lochie Mills did a fantastic job answering his questions:

I love how Tom added in pictures to help engage the audience.

With a large number of children continuing to show they are dedicated to their learning I wanted you to show a sample of children and how much time they have been putting into their maths. 

From this image you can see that Taylor-Rose has done 220 minutes on MathsWhizz this week and moved up 5 progressions.
Hannah has completed 162 minutes this week and move up an amazing 9 progressions.  I will leave you to read the rest for your self but it really does show me these children are wonderful self-regulated learners who are making fantastic gains!

I can't wait to see what Funday Friday bring tomorrow!

Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Remote Learning Week 2 Day 3

Room 5 is a class of fabulous learners and here is some of the work they have completed today.

We continued with the Anzac theme with today being a chance to get creative.  The children had to listen to a story and then create a care package that they would send to a family who was fighting in the war. 

Care Package by Mackley

Care Pack by Logan

Care Package by Inshirah

Many children have been working hard on the maths questions that have been set for the week with the majority solving the problems well.  I can't post any of the photo's yet or those who haven't completed the work yet could just cheat and look on here!  However I am so proud of all of those who have completed the maths so far.

Keep working hard everyone!

Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Remote Learning Week 2 Day 2

Today has been another successful day for the students of Room 5 and their remote learning.  Today they investigated the 5 W's around ANZAC day here are some example of the wonderful work that was completed.

By Logan

By Mackley

By Tyler

One of the other challenges for today was to do some 'Act's of Kindness' for the people in your bubble.  Inshirah did a picture for her Grandma and a bright colourful picture to cheer her family up.

Monday, 20 April 2020

Remote Learning Day 1 Week 2

Well today I struggled to keep up with all the emails containing work that the children were sending through to me!  This is such a positive thing and shows the children in Room 5 are so resilient and can work in a variety of conditions.

Today we continued with the ANZAC them but looked at how animals supported the war effort.

Here is some of the art the children completed today:

By Mackley

By Hannah

By Logan

 One of the other challenges was to crack the maths code for the day and Inshirah show how to do this.