Thursday, 23 April 2020

Remote Learning Week 2 Day 4

As the 2nd week of remote learning draws to a close I feel privileged to work alongside these wonderful children.  Today the children were given the task to research and learn about the RSA and how they support our veterans.

The children were given some questions to guide them and then they have to go off and do some research.

Lochie Mills did a fantastic job answering his questions:

I love how Tom added in pictures to help engage the audience.

With a large number of children continuing to show they are dedicated to their learning I wanted you to show a sample of children and how much time they have been putting into their maths. 

From this image you can see that Taylor-Rose has done 220 minutes on MathsWhizz this week and moved up 5 progressions.
Hannah has completed 162 minutes this week and move up an amazing 9 progressions.  I will leave you to read the rest for your self but it really does show me these children are wonderful self-regulated learners who are making fantastic gains!

I can't wait to see what Funday Friday bring tomorrow!

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