Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Swimming Sports


  1. Kia ora Room 5,
    Swimming sports were one of my favourite days at school when I was young. My favourite stroke was breath stroke. Congratulations to all of you for taking part and special congratulations to the twelve students from Room 4 who went to West Coast swimming sports. I hope you all went well. Were there any placings at the West Coast event? I am very impressed with the quality of the photos you have shared. Some great action shots! Was it a good camera that you used?

  2. Hi Tania
    We are very lucky to have Jo, one of our teacher aides, to take our photographs for us as she is such a good photographer - it's one of her passions! Her camera might be a Canon, we'll need to check that and get back to you.
    We had a very busy time at West Coast Swimming Sports with some people competing in just about every race. We are still waiting for our times. The races were run as heats with no finals. There were some very strong swimmers there and we kept up pretty well!

  3. Hi, my name is Skye form Waitemata in Te Waka Ako I like how you did a slide about swimming sports. We did swimming sports last week too! I really like how you put in the slide with the first, middle and end. Swimming sports is my favourite sport because I am really good at free style and it is a lot of fun. Next time I think you should maybe put in some writing in the blog post. If you would like to look at my blog then copy and paste this
    Hope to see more of your learning -Skye!


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