Tuesday, 6 December 2016

The Discovery of Gold at Waiuta

We've just returned from our two night camp at Waiuta. Gold was discovered there in 1905 and a whole town grew up there. Very little of the town is now left, but lots of interesting clues to the past have been left behind. 

We read the story of how the quartz reef containing the gold was discovered and we wrote plays telling the story. We also made up some music to accompany the plays. We reenacted the discovery of gold at the original discovery site.  Hope you enjoy our plays!

Click on the link to watch Miro, Reagan, Alanna and Alex performing their play.

Click on the next link to watch Ella, Bella, Sophie and Leah performing their play.


Click on the next link to watch Blake, Olivia, Jayden, Ben and Liam performing their play.


Click on the next link to watch Ryan, Hannah, Tiumalu, Harrison and Kylah performing their play.


Click on the next link to watch Adam, Coby, Emma, Deakyn and Tahli  performing their music...


... and their play.