Thursday, 7 May 2020

Remote Learning Week 4 Day 4

Today the children looked at recycling and related it to a product that is used within our school.  Our Fonterra milk cartons.  The children had a chance to research what happens to the milk cartons when they leave our school, where they go to be processed, what they are turned into and who benefits from this process.

Insihirah did an incredible explaining this process:

Mia was able to include some key vocab in her presentation about the recycling process:

Another challenge was to made a new product from recycled goods at home:

Mia has let her creative juices flow with her creation:

Inshirah created a very functional piece and something I could use during art time in Room 5:

One of the last challenges for the day was to design their own unique banger race car that represents them personally.

Mila did a fantastic job with her design and reasons behind her design, but I'm sure her car looks a bit like Mrs Wallace's mustang.......

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