Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Remote Learning Week 5 Day 2

Today the children were learning about similes and how they can enhance our writing.

Deacon did a wonderful job with his simile examples:

Mila did a fantastic job with her simile writing too:

This week for maths we have been looking at using a variety of problem solving strategies to solve the maths challenges.

Cameron put his digital skills to use when using the acting out technique with todays challenge:

Inshirah showed how she used the drawing technique to work out her maths challenge:

As some of our topic work the children were asked to name our native birds.  I can't believe how awesome everyone was at this.  It just confirms to me that we are lucky to live in such a special part of the county where these birds are apart of our everyday life.

Hannah did well and named all the birds.

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