Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Remote Learning Week 5 Day 4

Today we really took time to notice all the wonderful wildlife that is around us.  Room 5 got given a variety of links so they could learn the different song each bird sings.  The children were then asked to take some time to sit outside and make a note of all the bird song they could hear or what birds they notices.

This is what Tom heard:

This is what Lochie heard:

And Deacon heard:

For literacy today we look at homophones and the children had 3 challenges around homophones to complete today.

Deacon showed a strong understanding of homophones with this presentation:

Mila showed how she could find a variety of homophones and she even managed to find some homonyms.

Inshirah doing a wonderful job putting her homophones into sentences:

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