Thursday, 3 November 2016

Room 5's Pets


  1. Hi, i can't catch my breath watching that, We used have pet days but ours always got canceled because of the rain. maybe next time you could add more photos to and decorate it. Bye-Bye

  2. The best part is the photos because They came from real life and 2 at a time.


  3. Hello, Awahono kura he Evan toku ingoa, me te ko ahau te ākonga i South Hornby Kura.

    Hello, Awahono school my name is Evan and I am a student from South Hornby School.

    THESE ANIMALS ARE SO CUTE!! I love the cow and calf on slide 4. What are the animals names? Did you travel somewhere to see those animals.

    Evan, South Hornby School

  4. Hi this is Kadyn here from South Hornby School.
    I like the slide show about the pet day I would like to do pet day because i like pets so much.

    Kadyn Raxworthy
    South Hornby School


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