Friday, 18 March 2016

How the Chicken Drinker Works

We have been learning how to write an explanation. We started off by looking at our special chicken drinker, then we drew it and labelled it before we started to write. We had to write an introductory paragraph, we had to describe the drinker and we had to explain how it worked.

The Chicken Drinker
Inside our school chicken coop is a chicken drinker that is sitting on the ground. The chickens use it frequently to drink from when starting to dehydrate. We have this  drinker because if we had a normal ice-cream container then consequently the chickens  would step in it, and tip it over, plus the water would become quite mucky. 
The chicken drinker is  like a miniature lighthouse sitting on the edge of the rocks, when it is sitting on  the ground. It also has the odd slime spot on it, but we clean that off when we give the chickens their water. The chicken drinker has two parts to it, the red shallow dish and the clear top.  
To fill the drinker with fresh water, you must firstly  take the top off the lighthouse from  the the shallow, red dish.Then you  fill it with water. You have to pick up the shallow dish and push down on the top of the lighthouse until you hear a click! Finally  you flip it upright  so that the chickens can drink from it. There is a bulge in the side of the lighthouse top, and  that is how the water escapes from it. The chickens water flows continuously. Once the task is complete the chickens can finally have their supply of fresh, clean water.

Chicken Drinker
In the chicken coop on the ground there is a chicken drinker.  The chickens use the drinker when they are thirsty and need water to drink.  The drinker is a special drinker so it can keep the water clean and so it cannot tip over but sometimes it clogs up with hay and we need to get the hay out.  

The chicken drinker is made out off plastic.  The top is white and the bottom is red.  The bottom of the drinker is like a dish. When you look at the top of the drinker it looks like a little white mountain.

When you need to refill the drinker, firstly you will take the top off and turn it over, then you would  put water in it,put the lid on so it clicks, and then turn it over.  After that you would put the drinker in the shade in the coop. There is a bit on the bottom of the white section that lets the water out , and the water that comes out goes into the red dish so the chickens can drink out of it.  

The Chicken Drinker
Our chickens have a chicken drinker, and it is like a huge chicken drink bottle. I will explain how it works, what it looks like, where it is and how the chicken use it.

In the side of the chicken drinker there is a little spout which allows a little bit of water out at a time. When the water runs out someone fills it up again, and now I will explain to you how to do that. What you do is unclick the container from the red plate, then tip it upside down and fill it up with water.  Finally, get the red plate, click it onto the container and then tip it upside down so the chickens can drink again.
The chicken drinker is on the ground in the corner of the chicken coop, and the chickens come into the coop frequently to have a drink. Since the chickens do not usually drink that much, the water lasts for about a week.

The chicken drinker has a red plate at the bottom which is used to hold the water that chickens will drink, and in the middle there is a large clear container holding lots of water so that will last the chickens quite a while.  The chicken drinker is very convenient because it holds lots of water, the chickens can drink out of it easily, they can’t put their dirty feet in the drinking bit and get all  the water dirty,and nobody has to come and put some more water in the drinking piece for the chickens.

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  1. Hello from Room 13 at Templeton School in Christchurch. Blake, Ben and Ella your explanations about the 'Chicken Drinker' were very informative. They gave us lots of details and we loved the way you used paragraphs. Awesome!
    - Room 13 Templeton School

  2. Hi I am Zahbi from Papakura Central School. I like your work on the chicken drinker because its simple instructions to follow and a good picture so I know what it looks like


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