Monday, 15 June 2015

Xanadu Cave

After our fantastic trip to Xanadu Cave in the Paparoa National Park, we wrote about our experience:

In The Cave
Glow-worms lit up the bumpy,uneven roof like candles. Before we went into the cave I was very nervous because the entrance looked very skinny, but Marion told us that it would get wider. At the start we had to jump over a big hole and I just about fell, but Jack helped me across. When we got to a very small room and turned off our lights to see small yellow glow-worms,  there were only 1 or 2 of them. We switched  on our lights and carried on. After  a couple of minutes we stopped, and Marion told us about the hardened mud, which is named petrified mud. We carried on and found a little hole filled with water, named the sink. After a while there was a big loop. Around the corner there was a rock shaped as a moa foot. On the way out I could just see some light and when we were
finally out, the sun was hurting my eyes. I was relieved, but I really wanted to do it again.
By: Max

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