Friday, 11 May 2018

Visit from Paul Beavis

Author and illustrator Paul Beavis visited Awahono School today, and he talked to Room 5 about his work. He read the first book he had published, Mrs Mo's Monster, and we joined in with some actions.  One thing we learned was how many different versions of the story and drawings Paul tried until finally the book was published. Paul didn't give up when the publishers rejected his first attempt, he kept trying different things until eventually he achieved success. A highlight was when Paul taught us how to draw our own monster, step by step, then he autographed each of our drawings.  We had a great time!

Have a look on our individual blogs to find out more about Paul Beavis.
Click on this link to listen to Paul Beavis reading Mrs Mo's Monster.

Room 5 join in with actions while Paul Beavis reads Mrs Mo's Monster.

Paul Beavis shows us how to draw a monster step by step.

We are following Paul Beavis's instructions to help us draw our own monsters. 

This is how we decided to draw the monster's arms.

This is Paul Beavis's monster drawing.

These are our finished monster drawings.


  1. Hi it is Apollo from Waikowhai primary school in Manukau. I love the monsters, we are doing art like you but it is a 3D fish and I hope it will turn out good like yours. And it will be cool. By the why can you look at my blog here is the link to my blog.

  2. Hi Apollo, thanks for your comment. Hope your 3D fish art turns out well. Will we be able to see it on your blog?
    Room 5


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