Friday, 1 May 2020

Remote Learning Week 3 Day 4 Funday Friday!!!

Welcome to the last day of week 3 remote learning.  This week seems to have just whizzed by!  Today the children learnt about onomatopoeia and had to share their learning by creating a slideshow giving examples of some onomatopoeia words.

Here is the wonderful work that Logan created today.

Inshirah pushed herself once again and not only gave examples of onomatopoeia but then shared some facts on her slideshow too!

Mia was able to share her new knowledge on onomatopoeia very well in this slideshow.

Room 5 were also given the challenge to create a bird feeder reusing materials they had at home.  I loved all the creative ideas that the children came up with today!

Cameron used an orange to make his bird feeder.

Chido did a wonderful job making a bird feeder using a shoe box and toilet roll which looked amazing!

Mia got the hammer and nails out for her bird feed and she made a feeder that should last the birds a very long time!!

Every Friday I share with the class the Maths Whizz results which shows those who have meet the 60 minutes per week requirement.  Today I was so proud to see Deacon at the top of the leader boards with not only with 116 minutes on Maths Whizz but he moved up 16 progressions this week.  The goal is 4 per week!!   Well done Deacon and all those who did the 60 minutes this week.

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