Sunday, 22 February 2015

New Classroom

We are a class of 25 Year 4/5/6 students. The Year 4 students are new to Room 5 this year but are quickly settling down to their new classroom and new routines.

We are very lucky to have brand new tables instead of desks and we now have tote trays to store our equipment. The tables come in different shapes and bright colours and we have two little tables with "lily pad" cushions that we can kneel at. They are very popular!

These are some pictures of our tables and what we think of them: 

"I like the new tables because they give us lots of room but I miss not being able to store my classroom materials in a desk."
Blake, Y4

"I like the tables because they give you more space to lay out your books and stationary."
Noah, Y5

"I like the bright colours of the tables and also how they fit into each other like a puzzle."
Maelle, Y4
"I like the tables because you can spread all your equipment out. You always have to get up to get your stationary out of your tray and that's what I don't like about them."
Lily, Y6

"I like the table because you have your own space to work. You can sit beside your friends. They are also helpful for packing your bag because there is enough space to put your bag."
Olivia, Y4

"When you are making models or doing art, it's nicer to have a bigger space to work. I like the lily pads because you can get a bit more peace and quiet if the people next to you are noisy, but I don't like the fact that there aren't more of them."
Jeff, Y6

"I like the trays because you don't lose all your things. It's really easy to put your pencils in the tray when you are finished. One thing I don't really like is when people are getting their things out they make your tray fall out."
Reagan, Y4

"The lily pad tables are good for getting away from your desk group or from noise and distraction. They are also good for working on the computer because there is lots of space. You can sit down with your friends when you are doing some work on the computer. The cushions are really comfortable because when you are trying to work it's better than sitting on a hard floor or chair."
Ben, Y5

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