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Room 5's Creature Creations

Over the first few weeks of term we have been working on our creature creations.

We imagined our own creatures, drew them and made detailed plasticene models.  We wrote reports on our creatures, with one paragraph about its appearance, a second about its habitat and the third about what it did, to find food, for example  We learned to write the name of the creature to start the first and last sentence and to use a pronoun (he, she, it) to start the sentences in between.


Eragon is a mighty dragon and the biggest and fiercest creature of the Wanatu Rainforest. His dark blue scales are almost impenetrable. He also has shiny white teeth and two horns on its head. His four legs are equipped with three razor sharp claws and he has small rubbery scales down his back to the tip of his tail. Eragon’s wings are large and so, so strong that he can carry object’s nearly twice his weight while flying.         

Eragon lives in his huge nest perched up in the great giant tree of the Wanatu Rainforest. His nest is made of large logs covered with palm leaves and hay. He usually sleeps there at night and hunts during the day but can also hunt at night if he wants. The Wanatu Rainforest is full of dangerous creatures and has a hot climate.

Eragon hunts during the day for the large gemaraks and the retacons by the Lakes of Denga. Eragon flies high in the clouds above one of the lakes until he spots his prey and dive bombs it then takes it to a tree to eat it. Sometimes a serpent attacks him and he has to kill it which can be tough. Eragon flies around if he’s not hunting and sometimes he goes and sees  other dragons.  

Jeff Rossignal, Y6


Ferno the fire dragon
The ferno has vampire teeth with bloodstains from its prey.  It has a fireball at the tip of its black tail. It has electric spikes on its back tail and it looks like an alien.When it flies it looks like a bird that flew into a volcano.The ferno sounds ferocious because when it sees  an animal  it roars.

The ferno lives in Northern Europe in the forbidden forest. It spends its day underwater and spends nights in a volcano sleeping.When it is making its nest it uses tree branches and dead animal skins. It keeps its food in a fire cage deep in the volcano. Ferno has a water cave underwater beneath the volcano where he does work.

What the Ferno Does
The ferno hunts during the day in the water and at night time it sleeps.When daytime comes it goes swimming and when a fish tries to attack it it shoots spikes. At night time it meets with other dragons.The ferno goes up in the sky and gets ready to attack its prey.
Noah, Y5

The Red Eye

The red eye has red glowing eyes.  He straps a cage on his back to carry his prey.  He has two lines on his wings.  He has got teeth coated in blood.  Red eye has red dots all over his face.

Red eye lives in a cave on the West Coast.  He makes his nest out of bones and leaves.  His cave is full of bones.  Deep in his cave he has five babies.  Red eye’s cave is on a really, really small island.

Red eye goes hunting at night.  He goes to a little forest.  He hunts deer, rabbits and wild cats and more.  He gets the dead animals and feeds his babies.  Red eye carves a log to store his food.
Harrison, Y4

Star Hop
The star hop eats grass and drinks water. It has black and white stripes. It  is very fluffy. It hunts for animals.  The star hop runs and hops.

The star hop lives in a rain forest in the daytime. It likes to go and find caves at night. When it gives up hunting for animals, the star hop comes back to the rain forest.

The star hop eats plants and grass and it also likes wild cats and rabbits. When it gets thirsty it hops down to the river.
It also likes to hide behind trees. The star hop goes to a nearby farm and eats hay.

The Skailasor

The Skailasor has two sharp, spiky wings.  It has four strong, thick legs.  It has loads of scales on its body.  The Skailasor has sheep-like horns and a very spiky tail.

The Skailasor lives in the Darth Varder galaxy.  The planet it lives on is called Goth, where there are lots of octopuses.  It lives on the floating islands and in the sea.  It digs tunnels at the bottom of the sea. The Skailasor lives in caves in the Mountain of Gold.                                                                                                                             
The Skailasor hunts in daytime. It will sense a fish or an ocotpus a mile away. It cooks the fish or octopus with the fire from its mouth and eats it whole. Then in the night the skailasor sleeps.                           

Morgan, Y4

Rough Doodle Scooper
The rough doodle scooper is related to the wolf family.  It is colourful with one big bulging eye.  It has a birthmark on his first right leg.  It is striped with amazing big ears that are 12cm long and has layers of hair on its head
goes up to that go up to his ears.  When it  breathes it puffs out red smoke that flows off and disappears magically.  When the rough doodle scooper runs it uses its super speed to get to any place in a second. The rough doodle scooper’s tail is extremely long: about 32cm.

The rough doodle scooper lives in a swamp and will usually be found by rivers.  It is originally from India but it was hunted down by hunters and scientists and they had taken the females to the U.S.A for testing or putting in the zoo for people to look at.  It is usually really hard to find a rough doodle scooper because it burrows in the ground in a hole covered with grass so you cannot see it. The rough doodle scooper uses hay and twigs for its burrow.

Feeding Habits
The rough doodle scooper creeps out of its dark, gloomy  lair and hunts for families of rough doodles which is a breed of cat that hunts for its food in the pitch black night.  It skins the rough doodle with its razor sharp claws and after a night of skinning it eats their flesh and uses their striped fur for the lining for its nest.  It drinks the blood from its prey and stores some for winter in a log that it carved with its sharp claws. The rough doodle scooper hunts with its amazing big red eyes only at night.
Nicole O'Malley, Y5

We have also started to write stories featuring our creatures (and possibly creatures belonging to others in the class). At the moment we are learning how to describe a setting.

We are also making mini "theatres" out of cardboard boxes which will show our creatures in their habitats. Some of us have teamed up if we have the same settings. 

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