Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Room 5's Latest Artistic Creations

We've been working on our pencil technique, shading in one direction. We have been trying to gradually shade from dark to light so that we get a rounded effect in our curved shapes. 

This great idea came from this site:

First of all, draw a wavy line across the middle of the page in black vivid. Place 6-8 dots evenly along the line. Next, join the dots with loops on either side of the line. Make sure the lines don't cross, and keep adding more rows of loops until the page is filled.

After that, use three colours to shade in each loop. Shade from side to side, light to start with then shading in more darkly towards the corners.

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  1. Wow Room Five!!! These pieces of art look so amazing. You have described how to do them really well so anyone can do them. The over all effect looks really, really cool. Roughly how long did they take to make? Great work Room Five, I look forward to seeing some more of your work later on in the year.



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