Friday, 19 June 2015

The Lone Robot

We watched Tabula Rasa from The Thinking Shed then we wrote stories based on what happened in the video.

The Lone Robot

As the sun peeked through the dark grey clouds, rust red sand blew around in circles,like a whirlpool, smashing against tall ragged rock columns. A lone robot stumbled through the dirty sand, feeling more dead than alive. The sun shone on his dented metal body as he trudged through the heavy red sand. The lone robot couldn’t think why his family and friends had left him stranded on this horrible planet, so far away from home.

Crash, the robot smashed against the hard clumpy sand. The robot lay there feeling he would never get up again, until suddenly he turned his head, noticing a little green thing sitting in the sand. Using all of his strength, he lifted himself up lumbering to the the green thing. As he got there, he crouched down, and when he went to touch it, it flinched and he jumped in fright. He thought for a moment then he picked up the plant, and searched for where he could plant it.

Suddenly he saw an amazing tall rock that stretched above the clouds.The robot was now already halfway up the cliff when he slipped, falling backward off the cliff. Now he was plummeting toward the ground. Luckily he grabbed a ledge and managed to struggle to the top of cliff, with dirt covering his body, and scratches wrapped around his legs like bandages. The robot was weak; he dropped his plant and crashed to the ground.

Years later the tiny plant had transformed into a huge tree. Leaves blew around as the robot lay there dead, on the top of the cliff, where he would stay forever.

Nicole O’Malley

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